About Hands-On Wildlife Safari

Education + Experience = Conservationtactile experience

Our programs combine the facts that our Wildlife Educators give you with a safe, hands-on approach to wildlife.

We strive to educate children of all ages, from 2 to 102 with the belief that as much as 60% more information is retained when a tactile experience is involved along with good education.

You will walk away with the gift of a once in a lifetime up close experience and information that will empower you to make important decisions about the world we live in. Never before in the history of the earth have humans had such a drastic effect on the planet we call home. Today, people are altering the climate and using up more of earth’s resources faster than ever before.

Saving our world isn’t just for the experts, everyone can do it one step at a time. It is really common sense, making sure the best places for wildlife are taken care of, reducing waste, recycling what is already here, saving energy, and using the best technology for reducing pollution. At H.O.W.S we educate with our unique approach in the hope of planting a seed in all of our listeners that will grow as they do and make them more aware of their environment and all those that live in it. By meeting so many animals in an intimate setting, it becomes personal. They say that the Children are the Future, if we don’t educate our children to preserve the environment and be conscious of all those that we share our world with, there will be very little for them to inherit.

Our Mission Statement

To help preserve the Earth's diversity with the use of "hands-on" education, enlightenment and entertainment. We hope to show our fellow man, and generations to come, that unless we become more concerned with providing immediate protection for the many endangered and threatened species of the world, we too are in grave danger of becoming a scarce and possibly extinct species ourselves.

What We Offer

Our main education base is an outbound presentation involving Florida native species from arachnids to alligators, snakes, and the highly endangered Florida Panther. We also educate with other cats such as the African Serval, Lynx and American Bobcat. Our programs follow the Sunshine State Standards and can be designed to fit any age group from pre-school to adults.

We also present numerous opportunities for community service, volunteering, and hands-on animal related internships. Additionally offered are scout oriented camps, our popular Children’s Safari Overnights, birthday parties, commercial and movie production, special event promotions, professional wildlife photography sessions, and wildlife safety programs. We have completed over 250 presentations just this past year and have visited over 10 states nationally with our Mobile Wildlife Education Unit (M.W.E.U. for short).

We are extremely excited about reaching even more minds in the upcoming years. It is easy to see during any of our presentations that we are passionate about what we do and love the animals and habitat we are helping.

Our Wildlife Educators are highly trained, licensed and our organization is insured. We abide by all standards set by the USDA and are proud to be members of the American Zookeepers Association.